Established in 1987, Red Roo Australia is a leading national provider of customised uniforms and promotional products.

About Us

Established in 1987, Red Roo boasts a distinguished heritage within the uniform and promotional products industries. Renowned for our expertise in the Construction, Trade, and Mining sectors, we have successfully expanded our operations to encompass the Fitness, Allied Health, and Corporate sectors. Our unparalleled ability to provide bespoke, high-volume solutions with swift turnaround times sets us apart.

Led by Trent and Jeni O’Brien, who foster a strong family-oriented business culture, Red Roo operates from a well-appointed warehouse in Geebung, Brisbane, Queensland. Supported by a dedicated team, we proudly serve a vast array of small, medium, and large enterprises throughout Australia, delivering hundreds of thousands of garments and promotional items annually. Our unwavering commitment lies in promptly delivering superior quality products, always accompanied by a warm and friendly demeanor.

Jeni O'Brien - Red Roo Australia

My aim in this industry is to deliver products to my clients that I’m proud of, and that the Red Roo Australia team are proud of too, in the shortest time possible. 

I will continue to develop Red Roo Australia’s internal systems, machinery and abilities to successfully deliver on this. I was raised on a dairy farm in FNQ, and know the value of honesty and hard work. I’m the driving force behind the sales team and never want to see a client inconvenienced by incorrect or delayed product.

I don’t like to see clients inconvenienced. I understand the hassle of downtime and what it means for a companies reputation and income, and that’s what drives me to ensure the delivery of product is on time and in full.

I’m a Brisbane boy, born and raised. My experience and passion lay within operations and manufacturing. I oversee the internal job flow and make sure that the company goal of fast turnaround times is at the forefront of every decision the team and I make.

– Trent O’Brien

Trent O'Brien, Red Roo Australia

What makes Red Roo Australia unique in this industry is our knowledge, ability to listen to clients’ needs, and the company’s drive to deliver the best possible product, as fast as possible, without compromising on quality. We would love to hear from you, so drop us a line and say hello!

Red Roo is a specialist in the Construction, Trade and Mining industry, offering customised uniform solutions within fast turnaround times. We believe that no-one should be inconvienced by lost time and money through late, incorrect or impractical uniforms.

In the construction, mining and trade industry, time is certainly money. Red Roo specialises in products and services that streamline your uniform supply. We take the hassle out of sourcing, ordering and distributing uniforms, by offering full uniform fulfilment (pick, pack and send), free sampling service, representatives on the road for immediate availability, online ordering and an extensive display room.

As well as uniforms, we offer a whole host of branded and promotional products. From pens to bags to powerbanks, caps and beach balls, USBs and tshirts. Maybe you host a number of events during the year, or want to leave your valuable prospects with a gift that leaves a lasting impression. Chat to us about your marketing ideas – we’re sure to have a product that will suit.

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What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for all the support and orders put through for us this year. You and the whole Red Roo team were always happy to help and I look forward to continue working with you all.”


Hitachi Mining, Sydney




    With over 32 years in the industry and supplying a large range of customers across multiple sectors, Red Roo Australia consistently deliver the best solution for your business.


    We go to great lengths to learn about you!  It is only once we understand your needs and objectives that we can truly deliver the best workwear solution and promotional products suitable to your business.

    We have strong relationships with all our clients and have been given endless amounts of positive comments in regards to our customer service.


    We believe in upholding the highest possible ethical standards and so do the brands we stock.


    • High-Visibility – Shirts, polos, and pants that meet AS/NZS1906.4: 2010 and AS/NZS4602.1:2011 standards.
    • Corporate – A range of high quality business shirts, corporate casual tops and chinos.
    • Promotional – We can supply and print a variety of items including polos, caps, stubby holders and more!



    We know that getting your company uniform is traditionally a thankless job. Battling long waiting times; travelling to your supplier; slow response rates; wrong sizes or inconsistencies in quality.

    With Red Roo Australia, you can put all those dramas to rest because we don’t just deal in great product – we do service better than anyone.

    The biggest benefits you will receive in dealing with Red Roo on a Factory Direct program is turnaround times and cost. We are experiencing turnaround times that are 50% less when we go direct to factory, as opposed to when we source from another Australian Broker.

    We’re here to make it easy, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

    Contact us to set up an initial consultation today!


    Jeni and Trent O'Brien - Red Roo Australia

    Why ‘Red Roo’?

      Red Roo was named after the great Australian icon, the Red Kangaroo. When the original owners wanted to be known as an Australian business looking after Australians and chose the Kangaroo they went right to the top and chose the largest and most striking of the species. Red Kangaroos are social animals that pack a great kick and funnily enough cannot go backwards.

      How does that relate to Red Roo the business?

      We love our clients and go out of our way to keep them around us. We aim every time to make a great impact with your uniforms and promotional products, we want you to be as proud as we are on delivery.

      And finally, Red Roo only knows forward.  That is why we continue to look at the way we do things internally to maximise resultsin-house decoration, online ordering, uniform fulfillment, faster turnaround times, all proudly delivered by our team.

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