How to Attract the Right Leads at your Next Trade Show or Exhibition

How to Attract the Right Leads at your Next Trade Show or Exhibition

Trade shows are a great opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers and generate leads. However, with so many exhibitors competing for attention, it can be difficult to stand out and attract the right leads.

Now, we know you must have a lot on your plate, as you prepare for your next trade show or exhibition. From planning for a unique and attractive booth, to brainstorming tactics on engaging with the attendees, the to-do list is endless. So, we’ll keep this blog short and simple.

Below are some quick and easy tips and strategies to attract the right leads at your next event.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, these tips will help you make the most of your trade show or expo experience and generate valuable leads for your business.

  • Have a clear and eye-catching booth design that showcases your products or services.
  • Offer a free giveaway or raffle to encourage people to leave their contact information.
  • Have knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions and engage with attendees. Make sure your staff are dressed to impress. Customised uniforms will give your staff a professional look and for your booth visitors, a lasting first impression!
  • Host a presentation or demonstration of your products or services to attract a crowd and generate interest. Be creative to increase the footfall for your booth. You can install digital screens, media walls or pull up banners to achieve this.
  • Network with other businesses and industry professionals to expand your reach and gain leads or strategic alliances within the industry.
  • Use social media platforms and email automations to promote your participation at the event and engage with attendees before, during and after the event.
  • Have a simple lead capture system, by using webforms or QR codes which are an easy way for attendees to submit their contact information.
  • Follow up with leads quickly after the event to maintain the momentum and convert them into customers.

If you are seeking assistance with customised uniforms, branded signage, or custom promotional products, you have landed at the right place! Red Roo has 35+ years of experience, serving a wide range of industries with customised uniforms, promotional products, and branded signage for all occasions. Talk to our team today to find out how we can put your brand in front of thousands of potential customers at your next event.

Uniform Ordering Made Fast and Easy

Uniform Ordering Made Fast and Easy

Why Ordering Uniforms Can be Frustrating!

Life is busy! Too busy to be waiting forever for staff uniforms to be ready.  Buying from one supplier and then having to find someone else to decorate them can be frustrating and a waste of precious time.

And, being the frontline of your business, you want your employees to look and feel good with quality materials and embroidery.  Because seriously, what’s the point in paying good money for second-rate uniforms that don’t last the distance and have your staff looking and feeling drab?

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Your Uniforms or Promo Products!

When it comes to uniforms and promotional products, you want a

  • super-fast turnaround time whilst
  • being cost-effective and
  • expertly customised,
  • without compromising on product quality or customer satisfaction.

What Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Ordering Uniforms!

So, here are some questions for you – when it comes to ordering uniforms, do you:

  • purchase different brands from different suppliers?
  • purchase the garments from one supplier and then take them to be embroidered?
  • wait more than 4 weeks for your uniforms?
  • purchase blindly online not really knowing what you’re going to receive?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, we at Red Roo may be able to help you.

How Can Red Roo Help You!

Here are 5 great reasons why we are the best are what we do:

First: We have 80+ Suppliers

Red Roo has 80+ suppliers of uniforms, so there’s a good chance that you can purchase all of your garment brands through us! One shop! And don’t worry, if 80+ is overwhelming, we can point you in the right direction. Nothing’s a problem.

Second: We Provide In-house Embroidery & Printing

Red Roo has their own in-house embroidery and printing equipment. That means we receive the uniform, we decorate the uniform and we dispatch the uniform with no further interaction required from our clients.

Thirdly: 10 Day Turnaround For All Orders

Red Roo controls the production lead time and has an average turnaround time on uniforms of 10 days. Yep, that’s right, your staff can be looking good and feeling like they belong to your company in just 10 days!

Fourthly: Try Before You Buy!

Red Roo has a sampling policy that allows you to view the uniform, get the touch and feel of the uniform fabric and we can even provide a trial uniform if you need to see how it stacks up in your work environment. How good is that!

Lastly: ‘Just Bloody Great Service’

That’s Red Roo’s brand promise. Heck, even our existing clients say that we can be trusted to provide a fast and easy, no-fuss process where you won’t need to chase suppliers, find someone to do embroidery and then wait forever.


So don’t waste any more time! Make uniform ordering fast and easy!


Call our friendly team at Red Roo on 07 3255 8755 today.

5 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Expo

5 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Expo

Are you ready for expo season?

Australia is expected to host more than 300 trade shows, expos and conferences in the FY2022-23. Expos are a great way to meet potential clients, build brand awareness and create valuable alliances.

With a stand at an expo, you and your team are ‘on the ground’, face to face with your market in a way that few other events or marketing channels can. So, it pays to make sure that you and your expo stand reflect who you are and what your branding is all about.

Let’s look at 5 ways to stand out at your next expo:

#1 Invest in an eye-catching display

At an expo, there are usually hundreds, sometimes thousands, of exhibitors in one area all vying for attention. It’s important to stand out from your competitors and attract potential clients over to your display.

You’ve only got one shot to make your first impression count so make sure you’ve got a clear goal on what you want to achieve, and the message aligns with your objectives. Things to consider include:

  • colours consistent with your brand,
  • maximising space within the confines of your stand,
  • graphics,
  • lighting,
  • music,
  • seating,
  • signs,
  • wording and product display for maximum visibility.

Items that can catch the eyes of potential clients include anything that moves. For example, flags, corflute signs, media walls, mascots and live animals. If you opt for some flags but there’s no breeze coming through your stand, use a fan.

#2 Give away a Freebie

Giving away free stuff is always a good way to grow brand awareness and attract potential clients. Branded t-shirts, drink bottles, reusable coffee cups, tech products, and even bottled water are just some of the giveaway ideas that are proven to work. Try these or opt for something a bit more unique, like socks, sunglasses, puzzles, headphones, bottle openers … the options are endless.

People always remember kindness and what made them happy.  Offer a freebie for anyone who puts their name in a barrel to win something big, and you’ve not only created a smile on somebody’s face with a free gift, you’ve managed to build a ‘potential client’ database at the same time.

#3 Dress like a Dream Team

Uniforms look professional and identify workers as individuals who are associated with your company and products. They can inspire confidence in your prospects and show that your company is established and reliable. This makes uniforms an essential marketing strategy.

Consistency in employee appearance can create a positive impression on customers and contribute to projecting a favourable corporate image. Requiring all of your staff working on the expo stand to wear customised uniforms can help promote a feeling of unity too, like the dream team!

#4 Create multi-sensory experiences

Connecting all the senses can be key when wanting to create lasting impressions with expo attendees. Create a multi-sensory experience by including something each for people’s sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Virtual reality simulators, distinctive changeable lighting, interactive displays, appropriate background music, touch-panel interfaces, live demonstrations, hands-on opportunities and pleasant scents can all amplify attendees’ sensory abilities, engaging them and providing them with an experience they won’t forget.

#5  Keep Calm and Smile

Expos can be long and sometimes exhausting but it’s always better to stand rather than sit. People are far less likely to come and talk to you if you’re sitting down behind the counter in your stand, even more so if you’re looking at your phone.

If you want to attract people, stand about a metre away from your exhibit, relax, be yourself and smile at everyone who goes past. Shake hands, be friendly and keen to meet people and they’ll be attracted to you.

Prepare to build and increase your brand exposure at expos with Red Roo. Our expert team can assist you through every step of the process, from signage to uniforms to branded promotional products.

Check out some of Red Roo’s exclusive range of customised solutions and speak with our team to get personalised recommendations relevant to your line of business and industry.

EOFY Orders – Uniforms and Promotional Products

EOFY Orders – Uniforms and Promotional Products


EOFY (end of financial year) is fast approaching!

If you are wanting to ensure that your orders can be claimed for the last financial year you will need to be invoiced before June 30.

Think about what the next twelve months hold in terms of your business, employees, any expos you will be attending or promotional products you will be handing out, and you’ll be saving yourself money now by ordering by June 30.


Promotional products are a powerful tool in building brand awareness and loyalty.

Some of our top promotional products include:

As well as more unique and business specific items like:

Check out some of our best selling promotional products for 2021/2022 below:




As the cooler weather sets in you’re probably wishing you had of organised your new jumpers, beanies etc. There’s still time to do that, but there is also still time to look beyond your immediate needs to what you may need in the next 6 to 12 months.

You may be able to claim a deduction on any compulsory uniform (Hi-Vis or corporate) that has been customised with your logo.

For more information about tax deduction on workwear, visit the ATO website.

To get your uniforms customised with your logo embroidered or printed, before the end of financial year, contact our team.

Some uniforms we have created in the past twelve months:




The information provided in this blog is for general guidance only. Please speak to your own tax agent or other professional adviser before taking any action.


For more information on our customised uniforms and promotional products,

contact us on [email protected]


Attract and Retain Customers Using Promotional Products

Attract and Retain Customers Using Promotional Products

Why Promotional Items Are Perfect AS Business Promos

Whether you are looking for a giveaway at your conference or corporate event, or a little token of appreciation for your clients, promotional products make the perfect item for any occasion.


The answer is YES!

Promotional products are a cost-effective way to remain memorable whilst attracting potential customers and retaining your existing clients, by making them feel valued.

From stubby coolers and pens to key rings, chargers and so much more, promotional products come in all shapes and sizes to fit your budget enabling you to meet your objectives. Not only do promotional products make a thoughtful gift for your stakeholders, they are also a great tool to enrich your marketing and increase your sales.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Promotional Products

  1. Increase Brand awareness

Research by PPAI reported that 90% of customers recall the branding on the promotional products they receive from a business. This phenomenon is often referred to as ‘top of mind awareness’ – meaning consumers consciously remember your brand as their top preference, compared to your competitors’ brand. Due to this recall, people become more inclined to buy from your business, thus increasing your sales and creating repeat business.

  1. Create brand consistency

The type of promotional product you choose for your business should reflect what your brand stands for.

For example, if you work in the education industry, stationary products would amplify your service offering. Similarly, if you work in/with the transport or automotive industry, promotional products such as car chargers, key rings, or travel mugs would create stronger consistency with your branding.

  1. Build Trust and Loyalty

76.2% of promotional product recipients in the past two years remembered the actual product, company and message, coupled with the promotional item (PPAI Study). Adding your brand on a flash drive, bottle opener, water bottle or any other promotional product ensures your brand constantly stays in front of your customers. Over time, this brand recognition builds trust and makes your customers come back to your business again and again and again.

  1. Works as an effective icebreaker with prospects

Multiple studies have proven that people like free, useful items. Around 52% of those who received promotional products reported increased positive feelings towards the brand (PPAI study). So, at your next expo or conference, make sure to display some promotional products that relate to your business and see how the visitors come running to your booth.

These promotional products can be as small and simple as a mouse mat or a stress buster toy or something more unique such as a customised wireless charging hub or tablet portfolio.

  1. Enhance client/staff experience

Equip your team with branded uniforms to develop brand awareness and recognition for new customers, whilst also promoting company culture (and style). When it comes to customised uniforms, Corporate Tops exhibit a more formal style, whereas Polos or T-shirts are more suitable for casual workplaces. Match them up with some caps if your staff spend more time outdoors.

Customised uniforms provide staff members with a uniting commonality, which helps to overcome any personality differences, therefore unifying and enhancing your brand. Your staff uniforms define the style of your business, so make sure you suit it right with your brand colours.

Ready to integrate promotional products and branded uniforms into your business operations?

Contact the team at Red Roo Australia to customise them with your branding.



Consistency in your brand representation across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23% (Tailor Brands, 2021)

Brand clarity and consistency lead to conversion. Especially when living in the ‘information age’ where consumers are bombarded with information and options, your brand identity needs to be clear and stand out from the crowd.

But first, let’s understand what Brand Identity actually means.

What Is Brand Identity!

Your brand identity is the collection of elements your business uses to portray your overall image to your clients and potential customers.

This includes your brand voice, values, visual elements such as your logo, brand colours, website and other assets like your social media, signage, uniforms and promotional products.

In a saturated market, establishing a strong brand identity that differentiates your brand from your competition becomes imperative, as it gives your target audience a reason to choose your brand over your competition.

So, how can you differentiate your brand from others?

How To Differentiate Your Brand!

#1 Position your Brand clearly

The first step to making your brand stand out is to position it correctly and coherently depending on your vision and how you want to be perceived.

Brand Positioning is the place you want to own in your target audience’s mind.  This means identifying and refining your distinctiveness via a brand positioning strategy.

A clear Brand Position enables you to effectively communicate and reach your target audience, which will make it easier for your consumers to

  1. Notice you and
  2. Buy from you.

You can position your brand based on your product/service’s price, quality, features, customer service, etc. The objective is to make it clear what your customer will get from your brand.


#2 Have a strong and meaningful visual identity – so your customers remember you

The visual identity of your brand goes beyond the brand colours and fonts. It includes the emotions your logo conveys, the tone of the images/videos you choose, the uniform your staff wears, and anything that enriches the overall look and feel of your brand.

However, a strong strategy and consistency are integral to building an effective visual identity. The elements of your brand’s visual identity should not be based on your personal preferences, but rather on how you want your clients to feel when they interact with your brand

Without a strategic and creative process before creating the visual identity, your brand will confuse your clients, and you will be lost in the crowd.

Every colour holds a meaning, a strong emotional association, which can influence the consumer perception. Therefore, once you establish your brand positioning, think about the personality that will best suit your branding. Based on this personality, decide the colour that accurately conveys those traits.

For example, if you want to present your business as confident, trustworthy, and professional, a deeper blue colour would go well for your brand whereas if you want to convey peace, growth, and good health, you should use some green in your branding.

With more than 35 years of expertise in the customised uniforms and promotional products industry, Red Roo understands the strong impact this visual identity can make on your brand differentiation process. We can help you establish a meaningful brand identity with our wide range of uniforms and promotional products which are based upon compliance, fit, style, breathability, comfort, and the list goes on.


#3 Differentiate and personalise your offering

How does a person choose between similar products or services when faced with a shelf full of options? Product differentiation.

The market is flooded with hundreds of new products and services every day, so differentiation is crucial.

It does not mean your product has to be entirely different from others on the market, but it should at least have one component that makes it easier for people to

  1. Notice it and
  2. Recall it.

So, to stand out, your product must have a unique selling proposition.

Personalising your products and service can help you differentiate your brand by creating additional value for the customers. Through personalisation, you can build a bond between your customer and your product (and in turn, with your brand), generating loyalty and increasing the likelihood that they purchase from you again. At Red Roo, we spend the time with our clients to understand their clients and help them select the most appropriate promotional products to suit the occasion. Contact our team to have a chat today.


#4 Have excellent customer service that reflects your brand’s values

A great customer experience will help you build loyalty and grow your business. 96% of consumers say customer service is essential in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

A poor customer experience, on the other hand, results in the opposite.

A customer’s experience also directly correlates with their willingness to pay more for products and services. So, observe the market, identify your ideal customer’s pain points and areas of improvement required in delivering exceptional customer service, and prioritise the elements that will truly make a difference for your client and set your brand apart from the rest.


#5 Focus on developing a consistent visual identity across all touchpoints

Your brand promises an experience, but your touchpoints are how people actually experience it. And all your touchpoints need to be consistent with your brand.

Having consistency across all touchpoints makes it clear they are coming from a single entity. This helps create a better customer experience and build customer loyalty.

When your brand identity is consistent across all touchpoints, your customers will better understand your brand and your values. A familiar logo or design pattern can also make them feel more comfortable and confident in their interactions.

The marketing of your business through promotional products, uniforms, vehicle and building signage is especially crucial in all industries however in particular, the tradie, construction, and mining industries.

Our complimentary Branding eGuide can help you make a stronger, more positive impression on your potential clients.

What you will find in this guide:

  • Understanding Branding and its benefits
  • Understanding your brand, logo and file types
  • Benefits of Marketing
  • How Promo Products and Uniforms can enrich your branding
    …and much more!

To download, click here.

Written by our partners at OH! Marketing
Sustainable workwear Hard Yakka Project Zero Waste

Sustainable workwear Hard Yakka Project Zero Waste

In 2019 Hard Yakka committed to reducing their waste and carbon footprint toward zero. By 2029 the aim is to have 95% of their material and trims to be sustainably sourced. Committing to being part of the movement to protect the land, ocean, wildlife, air and natural resources for the next generation. Therefore sustainable workwear Hard Yakka Project Zero Waste was born.

How does this impact you?

It doesn’t. Other than allowing you to continually work towards bettering the planet too. The material that is used on their new Project Zero Range is either recycled nylon or polyester, made from plastic bottles. They haven’t stopped there, also implementing recycled packaging as well.

Here are three new items part of the Project Zero Range.

Zero Short – made from recycled plastic bottles, 3x stronger than canvas/ripstop and quick dry.



Hard Yakka Sustainable Work Wear

Zero Jogger – made from recycled plastic bottles, 3x stronger than canvas/ripstop and quick dry. Sustainable workwear Hard Yakka Project Zero Waste.



Hard Yakka Sustainable Work Wea. Sustainable workwear Hard Yakka Project Zero Waste. Made from recycled plastic bottles. Reducing waste and carbon footprint.


Zero Tee – made from recycled plastic bottles, moisture wicking.



Hard Yakka Sustainable Work WearSustainable workwear Hard Yakka Project Zero Waste. Made from recycled plastic bottles. Reducing waste and carbon footprint.


For more information on the Hard Yakka Project Zero range or to place an order click here.

Or you can read more about Repreve material here

Sustainable workwear by Hard Yakka Project Zero Waste. Made from recycled plastic bottles. Reducing waste and carbon footprint, the way of the future, to help protect our environment and the next generation. The Construction Trade and Mining Industry contribute to our carbon footprint, as does the textile industry. We see it as our responsibility to promote and take active change where we can. We have also written a blog around recycling your uniforms responsibly and that is definitely worth the read! You can read that blog here.




Christmas Gifts for clients and employees

Christmas Gifts for clients and employees

Christmas gifts for clients and employees. It’s that time of year again, the count down to Christmas and wrapping up another, albeit strange and difficult year, is upon us. It’s a great time of year to celebrate your clients and employees and show them your appreciation for working for and with you. Gifting items can help you not only show appreciation but also to continually build relationships and further brand awareness. Gift giving is a great way to stay top of mind with your clients and prospects for the new year. 

There are 3 factors to consider when selecting promotional products and Christmas gifts for clients and employees.

  • Practicality,
  • Longevity and
  • Afford-ability.



Key points to remember under this section:

  • Will your clients actually use these products?
  • How regularly will they use the product?
  • Who will they share the products with?




Will employees and clients see your  gifts or products as disposable or something useful to keep. A gift such as a cheese platter or engraved wine glasses are something that clients will keep and use. Items such as caps and pens are fantastic and will be used regularly. More affordable products like these can be updated and given more frequently.

For clients with a higher spend you can also invest in more substantial products that will be around for a lot longer.




Taking into account your relationship with your client, it’s important to have a strategy in place for your budget. Are you looking for higher end products for some clients and more budget for lower spenders?

We suggest creating a full budget and allocate funds depending on spend.

We have a range of products spanning from one end to the other of your budget.

Christmas gifts for clients and employees


In the busyness of holidays sometimes your clients may be gifted items from various people and businesses. In a collection of wine bottles, champagne, chocolates or even candles your gift may not stand out and it may even be forgotten what came from who. By gifting personalised and or branded items your gift will be sure to stand out.

Often employee gifts that are given are all the same, or at least all to the same value. Whereas, client gifts are often calculated on a value basis of expenditure or project value.

The best gifts given are the ones that will leave an impression past December and January. If you’ve selected the perfect items that are both practical and long lasting they’ll be more memorable and work harder for you. Practical items like caps, water bottles, bags, pens and things that people will continue to use are great. If gifting caps and apparel you can scale back your branding to encourage them to wear it on weekends, where it will be seen by other possible prospects.

Christmas gifts for clients and employees


Client gifts will depend on your budget and their spend with your business. You could spend a little more on your key clients and invest in a branded retro cooler box or esky filled with food or alcohol for Christmas.  For other clients you may gift caps, stubby coolers or travel bags and cheese serving platters. Here is a list of our top selling promotional products:

1. Cooler Bags
2. Keep Cups
3. Stubby Holders
4. Water Bottles

Other best selling items include backpacks, air fresheners, beer glasses, umbrellas, key rings, coasters and stress balls


Christmas gifts for clients and employees


If you’re looking for promotional products and gifts we can help you determine your budget and give you ideas for both employee and client gifts. We work with clients from a range of industries and we’re happy to help with your promo product strategy. We have also written about how to select a promo product for your industry, this article will definitely help in building your knowledge in this area you can also head to our Instagram for more inspiration

Christmas gifts for clients and employees

Recycling Old Uniforms Responsibly

Recycling Old Uniforms Responsibly

Are you looking into disposing of and recycling old uniforms responsibly? We all know that uniforms have a life span and once they have performed their job they are no longer needed. Presenting your employees and your business in a professional and expert manner means that out uniforms only last so long. Daily ware and tare contribute to uniforms no longer being considered professional and need to be sent to the uniform grave yard. Perhaps your branding has been updated and the older uniforms are no longer needed or aren’t complying with safety standards so you need to upgrade? Regardless of why we all have uniforms that reach the end of their life one way or another.

But, what can you do with your uniforms? Keep reading to see what you can do with your old uniforms that won’t have a negative effect on our environment and the planet!

More and more people are becoming responsible consumers with more awareness around where our unwanted clothing is ending up. Unfortunately Australia is still yet to develop an innovative program that responsibly recycles items including textiles. We are, however, increasingly seeing businesses taking this responsibility on and implementing recycling programs and initiatives themselves.




  1. QUALITY: Use more durable fabrics and better quality pieces in your uniform solution which will increase the life span of your garment reducing the amount of uniform replacements each year
  2. RECYCLE: Using a third party recycling centre that will take your uniforms and repurpose them for other textile based products
  3. PROTECT: Of course working in the trade and construction industry uniforms will need to be washed regularly. If you can rotate your uniforms to help protect their quality and longevity, always follow the care instructions
  4. REPAIR: If you have a small rip (that isn’t overly visible) or a missing button these things can easily be repaired if you can mend it, mend it




If your uniform has come to the end of its lifespan and you’re looking into recycling old uniforms responsibly there are amazing organisations that take uniforms to be shredded and repurposed into other products. An example of such an organisations is Worn Up. You can watch a short clip here from The Project interview with Waleed on recycling old school uniforms with Worn Up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMCf0fUdCfE

There is a cost associated with donating uniforms to be recycled which covers the costs of collection, transportation and development of new ways of using the clothing. You can also use your companies actions as a powerful business tool. For example, advertising to your customers and the wider community that you partner with an association like Worn Up and that your business considers its impact on our environment and future promotes trust and confidence in your brand. As a community individuals are becoming increasingly interested in ways that they can support other businesses to do the right thing by our environment.




When selecting key pieces for your uniform solution in regards to cotton and other synthetic textiles to see what will suit your business best, have a longer more durable life span head to this blog to read what’s the best fit for your business https://redrooaustralia.com.au/cotton-vs-synthetic-fabrics-the-pros-and-cons/

The world is your oyster. You can recycle mobile phones, printer cartridges, e- wasteland more! If you want to reach out in regards to recycling old uniforms responsibly or purchasing more sustainable and durable pieces for your uniform you can contact us here we would love to hear from you

Red Roo Workwear Logo

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