Get Ready for Spring with Red Roo Australia

Get Ready for Spring with Red Roo Australia


Spring is right around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to shed those winter layers! From refreshing wardrobe updates to must-have merch for outdoor adventures, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into how you can gear up for the warmer days ahead!

1. Revamp Your Wardrobe with Vibrant Staples

As the sun shines brighter, it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your wardrobe with a splash of colour. At Red Roo Australia, we’ve got a wide range of clothing options that will make your spring outfits pop:

2. Spring-Inspired Merch for Outdoor Adventures

Spring is all about enjoying the great outdoors. Red Roo Australia brings you some fantastic merch to enhance your team or clients’ outdoor experience:

Whether you’re looking to update your clothing collection with colourful staples or seeking the perfect merch for your clients and team members, we have everything you need to welcome spring with open arms.

Promo Products for 2021

Promo Products for 2021

We have had a huge month for promotional products for January and a great kick off to 2021.

A lot of businesses sit down at the end of the year (if they have time) or the first week back in the office and go over their marketing plans and budgets. Promotional products are a crucial part of any businesses budget especially in the trade, construction and fitness industries, where you have ample opportunity to gift your clients branded items.



If you haven’t read our post on how to choose promotional products for your business, then we suggest you go and do so now, we’ll wait!

It’s all about selecting the right promotional item for your business and industry. The truth is though, that we are experts in our field and being able to provide you with a range of products that we know will work for you is our jam. So if you don’t know exactly what you want or need that’s ok, because we will.



We sell a variety of promo products depending on what our customers are looking for. From branded apparel to protein shakers, stubby coolers, umbrellas, key rings and stress balls, we sold a lot of stress balls in 2020!



We have to add in that we have found the perfect promo product…metal straws! Now we believe in doing everything we can to protect our environment and we applaud McDonalds for making the change, but that doesn’t mean that we are fans of paper straws and we bet there are a lot of people out there who agree. So what better product than branded metal straws for your customers to keep in the car with your logo there staring back at them! They’ll be thanking you on a hot day drinking their frozen coke and that paper straw is all soggy in two seconds flat!



You can’t go past the usual pens, key rings and stubby coolers because they’re so useful. But we also love something fun and unexpected like branded sunglasses, what trade doesn’t need sunglasses on the worksite. Bucket hats for all occasions, metal straws, stress balls, coasters, metal engraved drink bottles…our list goes on and on!

Promotional Products – why, which ones and how do you choose?

Promotional Products – why, which ones and how do you choose?

Promotional items can be a low-cost marketing method to help your business reach new potential clients and remain top of mind for current ones!



Let’s talk about your budget. No matter what funds you have to allocate to promotional items there is something for everyone. The beauty of being spoilt for choice when you’re on a budget is that you can always start somewhere. We have a scale of items and there is a huge variety of low cost options to fit any businesses budget. On the opposite end of the scale we also have more expensive items for luxury brands or high end spenders looking to attract or impress their customers.



The products that are most practical and reusable tend to be the most popular – things like drink ware, t-shirts, tote bags, power banks, pens, caps and USB’s are all incredibly popular. Things that we use time and time again will remain in our house and in sight. Need a pen, grab one from the pen jar, lent one from a friend and never gave it back? It’s a sunny day and I grab my cap out of the back of the car to wear to the beach, for everyone to see! The power of useful promotional items!



How do you choose the most appropriate one for your industry, event or client? Follow these 3 simple steps

Step 1: HAVE A CLEAR OBJECTIVE. Who are you trying to reach? What would they use? What will they keep or pass on to a friend to borrow? When will you be giving it to them? Christmas, at an event, in an information pack? Know your target market and set a clear objective. We have over 30 years experience in the uniform and promotional products industry so you can always send us an email or give a call to have a chat about what we think would work best in your industry to get you the furtherest reach.

Step 2: HAVE A BUDGET. Know how much you want to spend and allocate it specifically to promotional items. Think about the times of the year you’ll be dispersing the items and work backwards. Don’t forget to include Christmas, events, information packs, front desks, client meetings and another time you think you would utilise the opportunity to get your brand name out there.

Step 3: THINK LONG TERM. As you allocate time and money to digital and paper print marketing you should also allocate time and money to your promotional product marketing. Promo products should round up your overall marketing strategy.



Listened to Triple J lately? They are constantly giving away branded Hoodies, Car Air Fresheners and other items. They also sell the merchandise on their website. These are products that we sell daily to businesses to also use these items as a source of residual income. Triple J don’t only use them as prizes or gifts they also sell the promo products on their ecommerce site, because you can of course order items in bulk and make a profit at the same time as building your brand awareness and community. We have clients such as Mining Company, Jak Heavy Diesel, who also sell their promotional t-shirts, caps and so on. Their employers, customers and suppliers wearing their merchandise is fantastic and so is the additional income to help pay for the wholesale promotional products! Gyms have done this for a long time, our gym clients sell protein shakers, t-shirts and singlets amongst many other items.



Promo products are used in all industries. As mentioned specifically in the past items have been sold in gyms and also used in Non-profit organisations to sell. Increasingly though this has moved into other industries such as retailers, hospitality and even the trade and construction industry. Another example is the education sector, more specifically universities with their students and prospective students.

Banks, real estate agents and other professional services also heavily rely on promotional items at open homes, meetings and other events. People in their communities come to recognise their brand, get to know them and consider using them for their future needs. So there really is no limit on what Industry is using promotional products to market their business or earn additional income.



So our advice for you is to use the three steps above to carefully select which promotional products would suit your Industry and target audience the best! If you are having trouble deciding make sure to get in touch for our no obligation quotes, especially in the lead up to Christmas!

Contact us with any questions or browse our selection, which is just a sample of what we can order for your business!

Cotton VS Synthetic Fabrics, the pros and cons

Cotton VS Synthetic Fabrics, the pros and cons

We sat down and wrote a few things about cotton as a fabric for uniforms. We’re quite often asked what is the best material for polos or what shirts will last the longest or look the smartest. Have a read through of the pros and cons and make up your own mind! 



– Cotton is a natural fibre so it’s better for the environment as it’s biodegradable.  When you select sustainable cotton you aren’t contributing to the growing problem of microplastic pollution. So in a nut shell it’s better for the environment. 

-Cotton is a breathable fabric. The natural fibre lets your skin breathe. It also absorbs moisture to keep your body temperature stable. 

-Doesn’t hold body odour and when you wash cotton the material releases odorous substances more easily so no more smelly gym clothes or sweaty work shirts! 

-Naturally hypoallergenic cotton is good for sensitive skin because it’s not dipped in chemicals like some polyester materials. Garments that are at least 60% cotton are less likely to be itchy, irritating, stiff or clingy.



-Cotton is a durable fabric but it can lose its colour and shape slightly when washed regularly. The overall life span may not be as long as other fabrics. So if you’re selecting darker colours like black and charcoal the colour may fade quicker. 

-Cotton is not the easiest care fabric. If you’re ironing uniforms make sure the iron stays hot because you’ll be using it a lot! Cold wash, line dry and an iron is what is required to keep the fabric going for as long as possible and looking presentable. 


So in the end it depends on your personal preference what material you select, cotton has great reasons both pro and con as to why you should/n’t select cotton for uniforms and it’ll come back to what you do while wearing the uniforms and what will work best for you and your needs. 

The good news is if you’re ordering over 25 polos we will give you a trial one first to wear for a week to make sure that’s the one!  If you want to order a test trial polo, contact us directly.

When To Pick Polyester

When To Pick Polyester

Polyester can get a bad wrap for being low quality and becoming smelly after a period of time – and yes if you skimp on quality and don’t follow wash instructions it can definitely be the case.

However, polyester does offer some great benefits, especially when it comes to uniforms. 

Polyester clothes tend to way outlast a cotton-based item, making it more suitable to uniforms that are on high rotation.

Polyester will keep its shape, colour and fabric consistency long after you would need to replace a cotton garment.

It also tends to be lightweight which is great for the Australian climate. Its fast drying properties mean that those that do physical labour or spend majority of time outside in the sun, will reap the rewards of being dry in minutes, rather than hours.

Some tips when buying polyester garments:

Don’t skimp on quality

The better the quality of the garment the more likely it has been made it such a way that it will repel body odour rather than soaking it up.

Follow wash instructions

Following the recommended cold machine wash and no tumble drying will mean body odour does not get set into the fabric and the fibres won’t be compromised either, so they’ll look better for longer.

Fabric terminology

Look for mesh in the description which will mean that it is breathable.  A smooth finished fabric will act like a plastic bag over a leaf on a hot day. Pique knits tend to be heavier in weight with a rough finish.

Natural fabrics have many benefits and have their place, but for long-lasting, durable uniforms, you shouldn’t rule out polyster.

Promotional Water Bottles Are Not All Made The Same

Promotional Water Bottles Are Not All Made The Same

Water bottles are a popular choice for promotional items, because almost every business’ target audience needs them. With the focus on the reduction of single use plastics around the world, water bottles are an even more practical item that will keep your brand right in the hands of your customers.

And when it comes to water bottles (as with so many things in life) you get what you pay for!  But it is especially true in this category. Not all water bottles are made the same, and when you have a marketplace that has everything from plastic to aluminium, glass to stainless steel water bottles, how do work out how to get the best bang for your buck?

Start with understanding your target market

What will they likely use these water bottles for? On their desk in their office, on a work site, on the go? Will they give them to their kids for Saturday sports? The use of the bottle will dictate the safest and most appropriate choice.

Set your budget

How much are you able to spend?  Plastic will always prove to be cheaper, and legislation in Australia does not permit anyone to sell bottles that are not BPA Free. Add a single colour print to one location and you can get a large volume of water bottles for not a lot of expenditure.

Going for something a little more up market? Head to the aisle with the glassware or the stainless steel.  Consider the vacuum stainless steel bottles, they are the ones that keep things cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They are more pricey but are generally used for longer and valued more by your end user.  These are a great option if you need 25 for VIP’s or a small amount of delegates.

Know your brand

Don’t forget to understand your brand and how your choice will communicate your brand values and brand personality. If your business is focused on being environmentally sustainable, then glass or stainless steel water bottles would be a better choice. If your brand is premium, choose something that looks and feels great for the user. If your brand is fun, down-to-earth and loves action, a quality plastic bottle might be the best choice.

We’d love to chat through your needs and goals, or if you’re in Brisbane you can come into our showroom to see what’s on offer.

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