Christmas Gifts for clients and employees

Sep 20, 2021 | Marketing & Sponsorship

Christmas gifts for clients and employees. It’s that time of year again, the count down to Christmas and wrapping up another, albeit strange and difficult year, is upon us. It’s a great time of year to celebrate your clients and employees and show them your appreciation for working for and with you. Gifting items can help you not only show appreciation but also to continually build relationships and further brand awareness. Gift giving is a great way to stay top of mind with your clients and prospects for the new year. 

There are 3 factors to consider when selecting promotional products and Christmas gifts for clients and employees.

  • Practicality,
  • Longevity and
  • Afford-ability.



Key points to remember under this section:

  • Will your clients actually use these products?
  • How regularly will they use the product?
  • Who will they share the products with?




Will employees and clients see your  gifts or products as disposable or something useful to keep. A gift such as a cheese platter or engraved wine glasses are something that clients will keep and use. Items such as caps and pens are fantastic and will be used regularly. More affordable products like these can be updated and given more frequently.

For clients with a higher spend you can also invest in more substantial products that will be around for a lot longer.




Taking into account your relationship with your client, it’s important to have a strategy in place for your budget. Are you looking for higher end products for some clients and more budget for lower spenders?

We suggest creating a full budget and allocate funds depending on spend.

We have a range of products spanning from one end to the other of your budget.

Christmas gifts for clients and employees


In the busyness of holidays sometimes your clients may be gifted items from various people and businesses. In a collection of wine bottles, champagne, chocolates or even candles your gift may not stand out and it may even be forgotten what came from who. By gifting personalised and or branded items your gift will be sure to stand out.

Often employee gifts that are given are all the same, or at least all to the same value. Whereas, client gifts are often calculated on a value basis of expenditure or project value.

The best gifts given are the ones that will leave an impression past December and January. If you’ve selected the perfect items that are both practical and long lasting they’ll be more memorable and work harder for you. Practical items like caps, water bottles, bags, pens and things that people will continue to use are great. If gifting caps and apparel you can scale back your branding to encourage them to wear it on weekends, where it will be seen by other possible prospects.

Christmas gifts for clients and employees


Client gifts will depend on your budget and their spend with your business. You could spend a little more on your key clients and invest in a branded retro cooler box or esky filled with food or alcohol for Christmas.  For other clients you may gift caps, stubby coolers or travel bags and cheese serving platters. Here is a list of our top selling promotional products:

1. Cooler Bags
2. Keep Cups
3. Stubby Holders
4. Water Bottles

Other best selling items include backpacks, air fresheners, beer glasses, umbrellas, key rings, coasters and stress balls


Christmas gifts for clients and employees


If you’re looking for promotional products and gifts we can help you determine your budget and give you ideas for both employee and client gifts. We work with clients from a range of industries and we’re happy to help with your promo product strategy. We have also written about how to select a promo product for your industry, this article will definitely help in building your knowledge in this area you can also head to our Instagram for more inspiration

Christmas gifts for clients and employees

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