Factory Direct

Do you have quantity requests over 250 on the majority of your merchandising?

Are you looking for something that you just haven’t been able to find in the Australian market?

Tired of long time lines and huge margins?

Red Roo Australia Can Help!

The owners of Red Roo like to keep abreast of the market and what is available to offer as merchandising. We also like quality products, but know that in business it is imperative to keep costs low. That is why we have been busy building relationships with overseas manufacturers so that we can offer our clients the benefits of dealing directly with the factory.

Items such as:
  • Caps/hats
  • Water Bottles
  • Bags – overnight, laptop or back packs
  • Power Banks
  • USB Sticks

The biggest benefits you will receive in dealing with us on a Factory Direct program is turnaround times and cost.  We are experiencing turnaround times that are 50% less when going direct to factory then when we source from another Australian Broker.

We regularly visit the factories that we deal with so that we maintain a healthy relationship with the manufacturer, and the quality stays high.

Contact us on [email protected] to enquire about whether we can help you with your merchandising requirements or simply head over to our contact page!

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