Can I try before I buy?

Yes you can. There are a few terms and conditions that surround the try before you buy policy:

  1. We request that you leave your credit card details with us as a bond on the clothes.
  2. You have 7 days to return the clothes in the packaging and with tags without incurring the cost of the clothing.
  3. If freight is incurred to send the samples to you, this will be charged to the credit card.
When to choose embroidery or screen printing?

Embroidery is best suited to smaller areas on a tee, polo, cap or jacket. It’s most commonly used to brand a polo with a logo on the left hand chest, the front panel of a cap or the pocket section of a jacket.

Screen printing on the other hand is a better option for larger logos, branded messages or areas, like those of the back of a tee, polo or on a backpack or duffle bag.

There are some fabrics that cannot be embroidered — safety vests or very light loose polyester clothing. The most suitable choice can also be determined by your work environment or the type of brand presentation you are after.  Still not sure what your options are? Simply ask one of our friendly team.

Sublimation: What is it and what are the benefits if using for branding?

Sublimation is a process of printing to fabric to provide the best quality, most durable option.  In sublimation the inks are fused into the fabric as opposed to it sitting on top of the fabric as embroidery and screen printing do.

The benefits of sublimating clothing, towels, socks and anything made of fabric are:

  1. Non-fade garment
  2. Non-iron garment
  3. High-performance, cool and comfortable garment
  4. A unique, one-of-a-kind design made just for you
Why is flame retardant workwear required?

There are some mines that request flame retardant clothing to be worn. So, what is flame retardant clothing? Where the clothing has a limited flame spread property and protects the wearer’s body, except the hands, from heat and/or flame.

All quality safety workwear providers offer a range of flame retardant workwear that will come with a certificate of compliance to Australian Standards.

Do Red Roo sell retail?

Yes, we do.

Do you need to provide your own workwear? Do you want to create your own uniform for ease of getting ready each morning?

Whilst we do not stock items, we are able to buy in workwear, hi-vis workwear and office clothing for individuals. This normally takes 5-7 days to get items in after ordering.

When someone talks about pad printing, what do they mean?

Pad Printing is the name given to the process of putting an image onto a 3D object. It enables an image to be printed on various surfaces. It is most commonly used on promotional items that are round, square, oblong, made from plastic, metal or glass.

Who are Red Roo and what makes you the experts in uniforms, workwear and branded promotional items?
  1. We have been around for 25+ years.
  2. We have a strong base in the construction and mining sectors.
  3. #2 means we are experienced in workwear (hi-vis and standard) as well as the corporate office wear for executives, administration staff and site supervisors.
  4. We keep abreast of workwear regulations and legislation changes.
  5. We keep abreast of trends and fashions for office and corporate styling by attending APPA, traveling overseas and attending supplier launch events.
  6. We have a dedicated style team that will match our uniform with your branding personality.
Should we buy cotton or polyester polos and tshirts?

We regularly get posed this question and the easy answer is — it is up to you. It really is a personal preference and what is comfortable for one is not necessarily comfortable for another.

Cotton is regarded for its versatility and natural comfort.  It has a softer, suppler feeling than polyester and unlikely to irritate the skin. Cotton tends to be more breathable which contributes to its comfort.

Polyester is less absorbent than cotton and that is why it dries faster.  It is more durable than cotton and less prone to fading, shrinking and wrinkling.

There has been huge progress in the technologies that go into developing fabrics.  We are currently getting exposed to a number of polyester/cotton blends — particularly in t-shirts.

What does GSM mean when speaking of clothing?

You have probably all heard of GSM, a term used when speaking of paper thickness, however this also applies to fabric. GSM is a metric measurement meaning grams per square metre — it is how much 1 square metre of fabric weighs and the higher the GSM number the denser the fabric will be.

It is important to consider when purchasing polos or workwear in particular, especially if you are working in a hot environment.

Why do we need high-vis workwear?

Hi-vis clothing helps keep everyone safe, not just the workers clad in fluorescent and reflective gear, but the general public as well. It’s all about optimum visibility when working with or around heavy machinery — especially at night time.

In Australia, all construction sites with active works involving vehicles, earth-moving machinery or other equipment — including cranes, bulldozers and wrecking balls — MUST have a hi-vis policy in place.

Hi-vis clothing can save lives. Common examples where staff duties, leisure pursuits and crowd situations were extremely hazardous before the advent of hi-vis workwear include:

  1. Asphalt road works after dark
  2. Mining duties in dimly lit shafts
  3. Pre-dawn start times on construction sites
  4. Maintaining order in crowd situations
  5. indicating the presence of emergency services staff in times of natural disaster or at crime scenes
  6. Cycling at night or in heavy traffic
What are the benefits of uniforms?
  1. As Barack Obama once said of his presidential wardrobe, wearing the same outfit every day frees up valuable brain space for more important decisions.
  2. When the company founder wears the same thing as the office junior, everyone seems more approachable and knows they’re on the same side.
  3. Your people are your best asset: Implementing a uniform turns them into 9 to 5 brand ambassadors.
  4. Eliminate the need for those awkward ‘that’s not appropriate work attire’ disciplinary discussions.
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