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Jun 17, 2021 | Marketing & Sponsorship

Businesses in the construction, trade and mining industries will generally require a few different components to their uniform. Perhaps you have different employee roles within your business such as office staff, sales reps, employees on sites – there could be various sites and standards of uniforms.

We work with a lot of businesses in various industries that require different components for their uniforms.


FCF offer fire, electrical and safety compliance services, they have a variety of uniforms pieces but these are some below:

– Mens and ladies Polos with embroidery on the LHC and yoke of the shirt. Embroidery on the LHC and yoke of a shirt are fantastic promotional tools that contribute to building brand awareness and recognition.
– Mens check work shirts with embroidery on the LHC
– Soft Shell Jacket with embroidery on the LHC
– Beanies with embroidery








Hitachi provide machinery to businesses in the construction and mining industries. They have a large amount of employees across the country in a variety of roles. This is just a small snippet of their uniform solutions, not including their Hi Vis options

– Mens Jeans and Shirts
– Ladies Skirt Suit
– Wide brim hats
– Cap
– Ladies Pant Suit
– Ladies Pullover Knit
– Ladies Blouses







We have a large variety of hi vis, construction workwear, corporate and business attire as well as accessories and PPE.

If you have any questions in regards to uniform solutions or promotional products that you need for your business you can email Jeni at [email protected] or call 07 3255 8755











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