Promotional Products – why, which ones and how do you choose?

Sep 28, 2020 | Promotional Products

Promotional items can be a low-cost marketing method to help your business reach new potential clients and remain top of mind for current ones!



Let’s talk about your budget. No matter what funds you have to allocate to promotional items there is something for everyone. The beauty of being spoilt for choice when you’re on a budget is that you can always start somewhere. We have a scale of items and there is a huge variety of low cost options to fit any businesses budget. On the opposite end of the scale we also have more expensive items for luxury brands or high end spenders looking to attract or impress their customers.



The products that are most practical and reusable tend to be the most popular – things like drink ware, t-shirts, tote bags, power banks, pens, caps and USB’s are all incredibly popular. Things that we use time and time again will remain in our house and in sight. Need a pen, grab one from the pen jar, lent one from a friend and never gave it back? It’s a sunny day and I grab my cap out of the back of the car to wear to the beach, for everyone to see! The power of useful promotional items!



How do you choose the most appropriate one for your industry, event or client? Follow these 3 simple steps

Step 1: HAVE A CLEAR OBJECTIVE. Who are you trying to reach? What would they use? What will they keep or pass on to a friend to borrow? When will you be giving it to them? Christmas, at an event, in an information pack? Know your target market and set a clear objective. We have over 30 years experience in the uniform and promotional products industry so you can always send us an email or give a call to have a chat about what we think would work best in your industry to get you the furtherest reach.

Step 2: HAVE A BUDGET. Know how much you want to spend and allocate it specifically to promotional items. Think about the times of the year you’ll be dispersing the items and work backwards. Don’t forget to include Christmas, events, information packs, front desks, client meetings and another time you think you would utilise the opportunity to get your brand name out there.

Step 3: THINK LONG TERM. As you allocate time and money to digital and paper print marketing you should also allocate time and money to your promotional product marketing. Promo products should round up your overall marketing strategy.



Listened to Triple J lately? They are constantly giving away branded Hoodies, Car Air Fresheners and other items. They also sell the merchandise on their website. These are products that we sell daily to businesses to also use these items as a source of residual income. Triple J don’t only use them as prizes or gifts they also sell the promo products on their ecommerce site, because you can of course order items in bulk and make a profit at the same time as building your brand awareness and community. We have clients such as Mining Company, Jak Heavy Diesel, who also sell their promotional t-shirts, caps and so on. Their employers, customers and suppliers wearing their merchandise is fantastic and so is the additional income to help pay for the wholesale promotional products! Gyms have done this for a long time, our gym clients sell protein shakers, t-shirts and singlets amongst many other items.



Promo products are used in all industries. As mentioned specifically in the past items have been sold in gyms and also used in Non-profit organisations to sell. Increasingly though this has moved into other industries such as retailers, hospitality and even the trade and construction industry. Another example is the education sector, more specifically universities with their students and prospective students.

Banks, real estate agents and other professional services also heavily rely on promotional items at open homes, meetings and other events. People in their communities come to recognise their brand, get to know them and consider using them for their future needs. So there really is no limit on what Industry is using promotional products to market their business or earn additional income.



So our advice for you is to use the three steps above to carefully select which promotional products would suit your Industry and target audience the best! If you are having trouble deciding make sure to get in touch for our no obligation quotes, especially in the lead up to Christmas!

Contact us with any questions or browse our selection, which is just a sample of what we can order for your business!

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