Promotional Water Bottles Are Not All Made The Same

Mar 20, 2020 | Promotional Products

Water bottles are a popular choice for promotional items, because almost every business’ target audience needs them. With the focus on the reduction of single use plastics around the world, water bottles are an even more practical item that will keep your brand right in the hands of your customers.

And when it comes to water bottles (as with so many things in life) you get what you pay for!  But it is especially true in this category. Not all water bottles are made the same, and when you have a marketplace that has everything from plastic to aluminium, glass to stainless steel water bottles, how do work out how to get the best bang for your buck?

Start with understanding your target market

What will they likely use these water bottles for? On their desk in their office, on a work site, on the go? Will they give them to their kids for Saturday sports? The use of the bottle will dictate the safest and most appropriate choice.

Set your budget

How much are you able to spend?  Plastic will always prove to be cheaper, and legislation in Australia does not permit anyone to sell bottles that are not BPA Free. Add a single colour print to one location and you can get a large volume of water bottles for not a lot of expenditure.

Going for something a little more up market? Head to the aisle with the glassware or the stainless steel.  Consider the vacuum stainless steel bottles, they are the ones that keep things cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They are more pricey but are generally used for longer and valued more by your end user.  These are a great option if you need 25 for VIP’s or a small amount of delegates.

Know your brand

Don’t forget to understand your brand and how your choice will communicate your brand values and brand personality. If your business is focused on being environmentally sustainable, then glass or stainless steel water bottles would be a better choice. If your brand is premium, choose something that looks and feels great for the user. If your brand is fun, down-to-earth and loves action, a quality plastic bottle might be the best choice.

We’d love to chat through your needs and goals, or if you’re in Brisbane you can come into our showroom to see what’s on offer.

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