Why Should You Use Promotional Products In Your Business

Why Should You Use Promotional Products In Your Business

In today’s cutthroat business arena, a well-executed marketing strategy can be the game-changer your company needs. Amidst the plethora of marketing tactics available, promotional products have proven to be a reliable method for enhancing brand visibility and forging connections with customers.

The Power of Promotional Products

Why do promo products work

What is the benefit of promotional products

Imagine this: you’re attending a trade show, surrounded by a sea of competitors vying for attention. Amidst the chaos, you spot a booth that stands out from the rest. What catches your eye? It’s a well-designed promotional product, cleverly branded and strategically placed. Instantly, you’re drawn to the booth, curious to learn more about the company behind this innovative marketing approach.

This is the power of effective promotional products – they have the ability to captivate and engage your target audience, leaving a lasting impression that sets you apart from the competition. This is why small, medium and large businesses should use promo products.

Building Brand Recognition and Recall

Let’s look at this scenario where you’re walking down the street, and you see someone using a branded pen. Without even realizing it, you recall the company associated with that pen.

This simple act demonstrates the power of promotional products in building brand recognition and recall. By placing your brand in the hands of your target audience, you create a tangible connection that lingers in their memory. Whether it’s a pen, a keychain, bottle openers, mouse pads, water bottles, caps, coffee mugs, or a tote bag, these promotional items serve as constant reminders of your brand, reinforcing your presence in the minds of your customers.

Forging Emotional Connections With Clients

Have you ever received a personalized gift from a company you’ve recently started doing business with? The gift was unexpected, thoughtful, and tailored to your interests. How did it make you feel? Did it evoke a sense of appreciation, gratitude, and loyalty towards the brand?

Promotional products have the power to forge emotional connections with your customers, making them feel valued and appreciated. By offering a tangible token of your gratitude, you create a bond that goes beyond the transactional, fostering long-term customer loyalty.

Driving Customer Engagement With Your Brand

Promotional Merchandise

Using Promo products For Client Engagement With Brand

Most people are on Social Media a few minutes every day. Imagine you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you come across a contest hosted by a brand you follow. The prize in winning the contest is a limited edition promotional limited edition pen that you’ve been eyeing for months. Excitedly, you enter the contest, eagerly anticipating the chance to win this coveted item.

This is the power of promotional products in driving customer engagement. By leveraging the allure of exclusive items, you can create a buzz around your brand, encouraging customers to actively participate and interact with your marketing campaigns.

Enhancing Brand Perception

There is a conference you are attending at the Brisbane Convention Center, and you notice that all the attendees are carrying branded slimline notebooks water bottles (500ml). As you engage in conversations, you realize that these notebooks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also of high quality. They are a stylish think design and made with PS, BPA Free, and easy to carry with a secure screw-on lid. You anticipate getting one too after you register and get to your seat in the main auditorium.

This experience shapes your perception of the brand – you associate it with professionalism, attention to detail, and excellence. Promotional products have the ability to enhance your brand’s perception by aligning it with positive attributes and creating a favorable impression among your target audience.

Aligning Customers With Marketing Strategies

In this fast-paced world of ever-changing trends and fleeting attention spans, businesses need to find new and exciting ways to stand out from the crowd. That’s where promotional products come in. They offer a unique opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level, leaving a lasting impression and creating a sense of loyalty.

Choosing Promo Products To Align With Marketing Strategies

Now let’s dive into the world of promotional products and explore how they align with broader marketing strategies. Reinforcing brand identity is crucial in today’s competitive landscape. Promotional products serve as tangible representations of your brand, reinforcing your company’s mission and values. They provide a consistent visual and emotional connection, reminding customers of what your business stands for.

Increasing brand visibility is another key aspect of a successful marketing plan. Promotional products put your brand directly into the hands of potential customers, acting as walking advertisements. Whether it’s a branded pen or a custom branded USB, these products reach a wide audience with minimal effort, increasing your company’s visibility in the market.

But it’s not just about reaching new customers; it’s also about strengthening relationships with existing ones. Providing customers with promotional items fosters a sense of appreciation and loyalty. It shows that you value their business and want to engage with them on a personal level. Whether it’s a thank-you gift or a special offer, promotional products create a bond that goes beyond the transaction.

Story Of A Small Business Owner – A Boutique Clothing Store!

This story is about Sarah from Brisbane CBD.

Purchase tote bags as promo items for your business

The Magic Of Custom Branded Tote Bags

Now, let’s step into the shoes of a business owner who has embraced the power of promotional products. Meet Sarah, the owner of a small boutique clothing store. Sarah understands the importance of standing out in a crowded market and wants to create a memorable experience for her customers. She decides to offer custom tote bags to her loyal shoppers, featuring her store’s logo and a catchy slogan.

She has a customer database of 657 clients of which 390 approximately shop with her every 12 months. Her ambitious plan is to order 400 custom branded tote bags that will have her logo digitally printed onto each bag in attractive contrasting colors that are trendy and fashionable for her clients. Her main goal is to create a bag that goes beyond being just a promotional product. Sarah wishes that her valued clients use the gift every time they go out. The bag can be used in many ways:

  • A shopping bag for weekend groceries,
  • A bag to carry swimwear to the beach,
  • Books and notes can be carried to university in her bags.

The response is overwhelming. Customers love the bags and proudly carry them around town, spreading the word about Sarah’s store wherever they go. Not only does this increase brand visibility, but it also strengthens the relationship between Sarah and her customers. They feel appreciated and valued, and in turn, they become brand ambassadors, recommending Sarah’s store to their friends and family. Sarah accomplished her marketing goals with one simple promotional item, the trusted tote bag.

Sarah used a Viva Heather Tote in the above example.

The specs are:

  • 80gsm non-woven polypropylene.
  • Sturdy carry handles with generous length.
  • Gusset base for generous carrying capacity.
  • Available in blue, charcoal, or grey.
  • Dimensions – H 422mm x W 375mm (excl. handles) Handle length: 590mm

Sarah’s story is just one example of how promotional products can make a difference in a company’s marketing strategy. Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing executive at a large corporation, incorporating promotional products into your marketing plan can have a significant impact. It’s a simple yet effective way to connect with customers, reinforce your brand identity, and increase brand visibility.

So, the next time you’re brainstorming marketing strategies, don’t forget about the power of promotional products. They may just be the missing piece of the puzzle that takes your business to new heights. Embrace the creativity, embrace the innovation, and watch as your company’s success story unfolds.

How Do You Meet Marketing Objectives: Here Are Some Ideas!

You are planning your 12-month calendar out and want to have a clear plan around the marketing strategies you will implement. By planning ahead you can get attractive quotes in from suppliers and have stock arrive in time to kick-start your marketing activities for the year.

Now imagine you’re a small business owner in the South East of Queensland with big goals to take your company to the next level and make a lasting impression in the market. But how do you stand out from the competition? How do you make your brand unforgettable? That’s where promotional products come in.

How Do You Find Suppliers For Promotional Products In Brisbane

The easiest way to get prices is to do some research on the internet. Type in “Promo Merch” or “Promotional Products” or “Promotional Product Suppliers”. You can jot down a list of the ones you feel are possibly a good fit for your business. You also notice through the business network that there is a small business expo happening, a trade show where promotional products will be showcased. This is your opportunity to fast track your research and nail down some good reliable suppliers.

Let’s fast track and assume you met a supplier and they were able to get you promo Merchs in time for the trade show you have registered your business in.

Use Cost Effective Ways To promote Local Business With Promo Products At Fairs, Expos and Giveaways.

Branded Coolers For Events & Parties!

Picture this: You’re at a trade show at the Convention Centre on Southbank, surrounded by potential customers. You hand out branded pens, beer coolers, key chains, and tote bags from your stall. These items may seem small, but they have a big impact. They enhance brand awareness and ensure that your company stays top-of-mind. When someone reaches for that pen, places a beer in the stubby cooler, or carries that tote bag, they’re reminded of your business.

Add your logo onto our Stubby Holder.

  • Will fit most bottles and cans
  • Made from neoprene (5mm)
  • Great insulation
  • Keep your drinks cool and your hands dry Dimensions – Diameter 70mm x H 108mm

How About Getting More Leads!

Now, let’s talk about lead generation. You want to capture the attention of potential customers and turn them into valuable leads. Promotional products can help you do just that. By offering these items as incentives, you can encourage prospects to provide their contact information. Imagine someone receiving a free t-shirt in exchange for signing up for your newsletter. That’s a win-win situation.

But it doesn’t stop there. Promotional products can also drive sales and revenue. When you choose the right items, you can entice customers to make a purchase. Imagine someone receiving a free sample of your product. They try it, love it, and decide to buy more. That’s the power of promotional products.

The Power Of Water Bottles As A Promo Product!

Now, let’s get creative. Imagine a scenario where a small business owner wants to promote their new line of eco-friendly cleaning products. They decide to give away reusable water bottles with their logo on them. Customers receive these bottles and start using them every day. Not only are they reducing their plastic waste, but they’re also promoting the brand every time they take a sip.

How About Giving Away Custom Branded Sunglasses!

In another scenario, a company wants to increase brand awareness at a local event. They decide to give away custom-designed sunglasses. Attendees wear these sunglasses throughout the event, catching the attention of everyone around them. People start asking where they got those cool shades, and the company’s name spreads like wildfire.


To make an eco-conscious impact with promotional products, consider reusable stainless steel water bottles. These sleek, customizable bottles not only reduce single-use plastic waste but also promote your brand with every sip. Their durability and eco-friendliness align perfectly with today's sustainability-conscious consumers, making them a standout promotional choice.

Why Picking Plastic Bottles Is Not Good For The Environment

Venus Glass Drink Bottle with Silicone Sleeve – 600ml

  • Bottle made from borosilicate glass.
  • Stainless steel screw-on lid
  • Protective silicone sleeve available in a variety of colors
  • Eco-friendly
  • Multiple branding options, please contact us for further information. Dimensions – Diameter 67mm x H 238mm 1 Bottle cost $21.10 color printed logo on 1 side. Minimum quantities needed are 10 bottles.

How Branded Notepads Play A Big Part In Promoting A Business!

Now, let’s talk about the power of customization. Imagine a company hosting a conference for entrepreneurs. They decide to give each attendee a personalized notebook with their name on it. Not only does this make the attendees feel special, but it also ensures that they remember the company long after the event is over. Have you ever been given a notepad at a conference you attended in the last year? Have you reached out across your office desk and picked up a branded pen? Have these promo items silently reminded you of those companies?

How To Maximize The Database Of Clients You have!

People love being rewarded. Especially when it’s least expected.

In another example, a company wants to reward their loyal customers. They decide to send out personalized thank-you cards with a small branded gift inside. Customers feel appreciated and valued, and they continue to support the company. The branded gift is a couple of Rock Tumblers (item 108264). Stylish 250ml glass tumbler with a square base with the business name laser engraved to a natural etch. Imagine the client receiving this in the mail as a thank you for their continued business.

How To Get Clients At A Gym To Wear Your Brand!

Now, let’s think outside the box. Imagine a company that wants to promote their new line of fitness products. They decide to host a fitness challenge and give away branded gym bags to the winners. People participate in the challenge, get fit, and proudly wear their new gear, spreading the company’s message wherever they go. Flexible and practical, XD Design’s Flex Gym bag is the ideal gift every busy office executive would love to have. It can act as a business backpack and as well as a gym bag. The front pocket can expand to quickly convert the bag’s capacity from 16 to 24L. Ideal gift to reward your clients.

In yet another scenario, a company wants to create buzz around their new app. They decide to give away branded tablet cases to influencers and bloggers. These influencers start showcasing the engraved cases (Whitehall Tablet cases – hold tablets up to 9″ with its unique elastic fastening system. It has a large lined A4 pad, a pen loop, a business card holder and four loops to hold flash drives) on their social media platforms, reaching thousands of potential customers. The power of promo products.

Promotional products are more than just freebies. They’re powerful marketing tools that can help you achieve your business goals. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance brand awareness, boost lead generation, and drive sales and revenue. Get creative, customize your products, and think outside the box. Your business deserves to stand out from the competition.

Guide On Pricing: Examples of 6 Commonly Purchased Promo Items.

Want to know how much Promo Products Cost - Call us

Here you will see that the price for a Verona Thermal Mug is reduced from $19.15 (20 items purchased) to just $14.20 per mug when you order 500 mugs in one order. This is a saving of $4.95 per mug when you order in bulk. Another thing to bear in mind is Laser engraved mugs are more durable and can withstand high usage and washes in the dishwasher as compared to a mug that may be digitally printed. Below is a table that you can follow to see price points when ordering in large quantities promo products.

5 Areas Where How Promotional Products Help Local Businesses!

Promo Products Benefits Explained

Where and When To Use Promo products

In the bustling business landscape of Brisbane, local enterprises are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out from the competition and foster strong customer relationships. One strategy that has proven effective time and again is the use of promotional products. These tangible marketing tools offer a multitude of benefits, helping local businesses in Brisbane leave a lasting impression and drive growth.

1. Brand Recognition and Recall

Promotional products serve as powerful brand ambassadors. When a local business distributes items like branded pens, tote bags, or keychains, they are essentially providing customers with a tangible reminder of their brand. These items become integrated into daily routines, ensuring that the business remains top of mind. When the need for a product or service arises, customers are more likely to turn to a business they remember and trust.

2. Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing can be expensive, especially for small businesses in a competitive market like Brisbane. Promotional products offer a cost-effective way to reach a broad audience. Compared to traditional advertising methods, such as billboards or TV ads, promotional items have a lower initial investment and a longer-lasting impact. The return on investment for promotional products is often significant, making them a wise choice for businesses with budget constraints.

3. Strengthening Customer Loyalty

Local businesses thrive on customer loyalty. Promotional products can help cultivate this loyalty by showing appreciation to existing customers. By offering branded gifts as a token of gratitude, businesses in Brisbane can enhance the customer experience and build long-lasting relationships. These gestures make customers feel valued, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

4. Local Community Engagement

Local businesses are deeply rooted in their communities, and promotional products can further strengthen these connections. Sponsoring or participating in local events and distributing customized items like T-shirts or water bottles can create a sense of community involvement and goodwill. These efforts help local businesses gain the support of their neighbors and establish a positive reputation in Brisbane.

5. Versatile Advertising

Promotional products come in a wide variety of options, allowing businesses to tailor their marketing efforts to their target audience. Whether it’s tech gadgets for a tech-savvy crowd or eco-friendly products for the environmentally conscious, promotional items can be customized to suit the preferences and needs of Brisbane’s diverse consumer base.

How Are Promotional Products Used- 7 Ways!

Promotional products, often referred to as promotional merchandise or swag, are invaluable tools in the arsenal of marketing professionals. These items are specifically designed to promote a brand, product, or service while offering practical utility to the recipient. Here’s a comprehensive look at how promotional products are effectively used to enhance brand visibility, customer engagement, and overall marketing success.

1. Brand Visibility: Promotional products act as mobile billboards for your brand. When distributed strategically, they place your logo, slogan, or message directly into the hands of your target audience. Whether it’s a branded pen, tote bag, or keychain, these items serve as constant reminders of your business, keeping it top of mind.

2. Customer Engagement: Promotional products are a tangible way to engage and connect with customers. They create a sense of reciprocity, fostering a positive relationship between your brand and the recipient. When customers receive a thoughtful and useful gift, they are more likely to remember and interact with your business in the future.

3. Trade Shows and Events: Promotional products are a staple at trade shows, conventions, and corporate events. They serve as conversation starters and icebreakers, drawing attendees to your booth. Additionally, they leave a lasting impression, ensuring that potential clients remember your company long after the event concludes.

4. Employee Morale and Loyalty: Promotional products can also be used internally to boost employee morale and loyalty. When employees receive branded items like apparel or office supplies, it instills a sense of belonging and pride in the organization.


5. Product Launches and Campaigns: Promotional products can be integrated into product launches and marketing campaigns to create buzz and excitement. Sending out exclusive merchandise to influencers or loyal customers can generate anticipation and drive engagement.

6. Customer Rewards and Incentives: Offering promotional products as rewards or incentives can motivate customers to take desired actions, such as making a purchase, referring friends, or signing up for a newsletter. It’s a cost-effective way to drive customer behavior.

7. Brand Loyalty and Retention: Providing promotional products as part of loyalty programs can encourage repeat business and customer retention. When customers feel appreciated through these incentives, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

In conclusion, promotional products are versatile tools that can be strategically employed at various stages of your marketing efforts. They create a tangible connection between your brand and its audience, boost visibility, and enhance customer engagement, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your marketing campaigns and business growth.

JPEG, PDF, AI, EPS, PNG… What do they all mean and which is the most important to get from your graphic designer?

JPEG, PDF, AI, EPS, PNG… What do they all mean and which is the most important to get from your graphic designer?

In the world of graphic design and printing, there is a multitude of file formats, each with its own purpose and characteristics. When preparing artwork for your promotional products or custom uniforms, it’s essential to understand these file formats to ensure the best possible outcome. In this blog post, we will go over the most common artwork file formats – JPEG, PDF, AI, EPS, and PNG.


  1. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group):

JPEG is a widely used and popular file format for digital images. It is commonly used for photographs and images with complex colour gradients. JPEG files are compressed, meaning they can be relatively small in size while maintaining acceptable image quality. However, each time a JPEG file is edited and saved, it loses some quality due to compression.

  1. PDF (Portable Document Format):

PDF is a versatile file format that preserves all elements of a design, including text, images, and fonts. It is commonly used for sharing artwork for review and printing. PDF files are generally non-editable, ensuring that the artwork remains consistent and unchanged during the printing process, however, some editing software can now edit to an extent.

  1. AI (Adobe Illustrator):

AI is a proprietary file format created by Adobe Illustrator, a popular vector graphics editing software. AI files are vector-based, meaning they use mathematical equations to represent graphics. As a result, AI files can be scaled infinitely without losing quality, making them ideal for logo designs and other illustrations.

  1. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript):

EPS is another vector-based file format commonly used for printing purposes. It can contain both vector and raster elements and is supported by most graphic design software and printers. Like AI files, EPS files can be resized without sacrificing quality.

  1. PNG (Portable Network Graphics):

PNG is a raster image file format that supports transparent backgrounds, making it suitable for web-based graphics and logos. Unlike JPEG, PNG files do not lose quality during compression, making them ideal for images with sharp edges and text. While PNG files are excellent for digital use, they may not be suitable for high-resolution printing. For printing purposes, it’s best to obtain the design in a vector format like AI or EPS.


Understanding different file formats is crucial to ensure the best possible results for your promotional products and custom uniforms. Our team of experts at Red Roo Australia will guide you to determine which format is best for your print requirement, ensuring your brand shines on every promotional product and uniform.

5 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Expo

5 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Expo

Are you ready for expo season?

Australia is expected to host more than 300 trade shows, expos and conferences in the FY2022-23. Expos are a great way to meet potential clients, build brand awareness and create valuable alliances.

With a stand at an expo, you and your team are ‘on the ground’, face to face with your market in a way that few other events or marketing channels can. So, it pays to make sure that you and your expo stand reflect who you are and what your branding is all about.

Let’s look at 5 ways to stand out at your next expo:

#1 Invest in an eye-catching display

At an expo, there are usually hundreds, sometimes thousands, of exhibitors in one area all vying for attention. It’s important to stand out from your competitors and attract potential clients over to your display.

You’ve only got one shot to make your first impression count so make sure you’ve got a clear goal on what you want to achieve, and the message aligns with your objectives. Things to consider include:

  • colours consistent with your brand,
  • maximising space within the confines of your stand,
  • graphics,
  • lighting,
  • music,
  • seating,
  • signs,
  • wording and product display for maximum visibility.

Items that can catch the eyes of potential clients include anything that moves. For example, flags, corflute signs, media walls, mascots and live animals. If you opt for some flags but there’s no breeze coming through your stand, use a fan.

#2 Give away a Freebie

Giving away free stuff is always a good way to grow brand awareness and attract potential clients. Branded t-shirts, drink bottles, reusable coffee cups, tech products, and even bottled water are just some of the giveaway ideas that are proven to work. Try these or opt for something a bit more unique, like socks, sunglasses, puzzles, headphones, bottle openers … the options are endless.

People always remember kindness and what made them happy.  Offer a freebie for anyone who puts their name in a barrel to win something big, and you’ve not only created a smile on somebody’s face with a free gift, you’ve managed to build a ‘potential client’ database at the same time.

#3 Dress like a Dream Team

Uniforms look professional and identify workers as individuals who are associated with your company and products. They can inspire confidence in your prospects and show that your company is established and reliable. This makes uniforms an essential marketing strategy.

Consistency in employee appearance can create a positive impression on customers and contribute to projecting a favourable corporate image. Requiring all of your staff working on the expo stand to wear customised uniforms can help promote a feeling of unity too, like the dream team!

#4 Create multi-sensory experiences

Connecting all the senses can be key when wanting to create lasting impressions with expo attendees. Create a multi-sensory experience by including something each for people’s sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Virtual reality simulators, distinctive changeable lighting, interactive displays, appropriate background music, touch-panel interfaces, live demonstrations, hands-on opportunities and pleasant scents can all amplify attendees’ sensory abilities, engaging them and providing them with an experience they won’t forget.

#5  Keep Calm and Smile

Expos can be long and sometimes exhausting but it’s always better to stand rather than sit. People are far less likely to come and talk to you if you’re sitting down behind the counter in your stand, even more so if you’re looking at your phone.

If you want to attract people, stand about a metre away from your exhibit, relax, be yourself and smile at everyone who goes past. Shake hands, be friendly and keen to meet people and they’ll be attracted to you.

Prepare to build and increase your brand exposure at expos with Red Roo. Our expert team can assist you through every step of the process, from signage to uniforms to branded promotional products.

Check out some of Red Roo’s exclusive range of customised solutions and speak with our team to get personalised recommendations relevant to your line of business and industry.

Attract and Retain Customers Using Promotional Products

Attract and Retain Customers Using Promotional Products

Why Promotional Items Are Perfect AS Business Promos

Whether you are looking for a giveaway at your conference or corporate event, or a little token of appreciation for your clients, promotional products make the perfect item for any occasion.


The answer is YES!

Promotional products are a cost-effective way to remain memorable whilst attracting potential customers and retaining your existing clients, by making them feel valued.

From stubby coolers and pens to key rings, chargers and so much more, promotional products come in all shapes and sizes to fit your budget enabling you to meet your objectives. Not only do promotional products make a thoughtful gift for your stakeholders, they are also a great tool to enrich your marketing and increase your sales.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Promotional Products

  1. Increase Brand awareness

Research by PPAI reported that 90% of customers recall the branding on the promotional products they receive from a business. This phenomenon is often referred to as ‘top of mind awareness’ – meaning consumers consciously remember your brand as their top preference, compared to your competitors’ brand. Due to this recall, people become more inclined to buy from your business, thus increasing your sales and creating repeat business.

  1. Create brand consistency

The type of promotional product you choose for your business should reflect what your brand stands for.

For example, if you work in the education industry, stationary products would amplify your service offering. Similarly, if you work in/with the transport or automotive industry, promotional products such as car chargers, key rings, or travel mugs would create stronger consistency with your branding.

  1. Build Trust and Loyalty

76.2% of promotional product recipients in the past two years remembered the actual product, company and message, coupled with the promotional item (PPAI Study). Adding your brand on a flash drive, bottle opener, water bottle or any other promotional product ensures your brand constantly stays in front of your customers. Over time, this brand recognition builds trust and makes your customers come back to your business again and again and again.

  1. Works as an effective icebreaker with prospects

Multiple studies have proven that people like free, useful items. Around 52% of those who received promotional products reported increased positive feelings towards the brand (PPAI study). So, at your next expo or conference, make sure to display some promotional products that relate to your business and see how the visitors come running to your booth.

These promotional products can be as small and simple as a mouse mat or a stress buster toy or something more unique such as a customised wireless charging hub or tablet portfolio.

  1. Enhance client/staff experience

Equip your team with branded uniforms to develop brand awareness and recognition for new customers, whilst also promoting company culture (and style). When it comes to customised uniforms, Corporate Tops exhibit a more formal style, whereas Polos or T-shirts are more suitable for casual workplaces. Match them up with some caps if your staff spend more time outdoors.

Customised uniforms provide staff members with a uniting commonality, which helps to overcome any personality differences, therefore unifying and enhancing your brand. Your staff uniforms define the style of your business, so make sure you suit it right with your brand colours.

Ready to integrate promotional products and branded uniforms into your business operations?

Contact the team at Red Roo Australia to customise them with your branding.

Promotional Products – why, which ones and how do you choose?

Promotional Products – why, which ones and how do you choose?

Promotional items can be a low-cost marketing method to help your business reach new potential clients and remain top of mind for current ones!



Let’s talk about your budget. No matter what funds you have to allocate to promotional items there is something for everyone. The beauty of being spoilt for choice when you’re on a budget is that you can always start somewhere. We have a scale of items and there is a huge variety of low cost options to fit any businesses budget. On the opposite end of the scale we also have more expensive items for luxury brands or high end spenders looking to attract or impress their customers.



The products that are most practical and reusable tend to be the most popular – things like drink ware, t-shirts, tote bags, power banks, pens, caps and USB’s are all incredibly popular. Things that we use time and time again will remain in our house and in sight. Need a pen, grab one from the pen jar, lent one from a friend and never gave it back? It’s a sunny day and I grab my cap out of the back of the car to wear to the beach, for everyone to see! The power of useful promotional items!



How do you choose the most appropriate one for your industry, event or client? Follow these 3 simple steps

Step 1: HAVE A CLEAR OBJECTIVE. Who are you trying to reach? What would they use? What will they keep or pass on to a friend to borrow? When will you be giving it to them? Christmas, at an event, in an information pack? Know your target market and set a clear objective. We have over 30 years experience in the uniform and promotional products industry so you can always send us an email or give a call to have a chat about what we think would work best in your industry to get you the furtherest reach.

Step 2: HAVE A BUDGET. Know how much you want to spend and allocate it specifically to promotional items. Think about the times of the year you’ll be dispersing the items and work backwards. Don’t forget to include Christmas, events, information packs, front desks, client meetings and another time you think you would utilise the opportunity to get your brand name out there.

Step 3: THINK LONG TERM. As you allocate time and money to digital and paper print marketing you should also allocate time and money to your promotional product marketing. Promo products should round up your overall marketing strategy.



Listened to Triple J lately? They are constantly giving away branded Hoodies, Car Air Fresheners and other items. They also sell the merchandise on their website. These are products that we sell daily to businesses to also use these items as a source of residual income. Triple J don’t only use them as prizes or gifts they also sell the promo products on their ecommerce site, because you can of course order items in bulk and make a profit at the same time as building your brand awareness and community. We have clients such as Mining Company, Jak Heavy Diesel, who also sell their promotional t-shirts, caps and so on. Their employers, customers and suppliers wearing their merchandise is fantastic and so is the additional income to help pay for the wholesale promotional products! Gyms have done this for a long time, our gym clients sell protein shakers, t-shirts and singlets amongst many other items.



Promo products are used in all industries. As mentioned specifically in the past items have been sold in gyms and also used in Non-profit organisations to sell. Increasingly though this has moved into other industries such as retailers, hospitality and even the trade and construction industry. Another example is the education sector, more specifically universities with their students and prospective students.

Banks, real estate agents and other professional services also heavily rely on promotional items at open homes, meetings and other events. People in their communities come to recognise their brand, get to know them and consider using them for their future needs. So there really is no limit on what Industry is using promotional products to market their business or earn additional income.



So our advice for you is to use the three steps above to carefully select which promotional products would suit your Industry and target audience the best! If you are having trouble deciding make sure to get in touch for our no obligation quotes, especially in the lead up to Christmas!

Contact us with any questions or browse our selection, which is just a sample of what we can order for your business!

Promotional Water Bottles Are Not All Made The Same

Promotional Water Bottles Are Not All Made The Same

Water bottles are a popular choice for promotional items, because almost every business’ target audience needs them. With the focus on the reduction of single use plastics around the world, water bottles are an even more practical item that will keep your brand right in the hands of your customers.

And when it comes to water bottles (as with so many things in life) you get what you pay for!  But it is especially true in this category. Not all water bottles are made the same, and when you have a marketplace that has everything from plastic to aluminium, glass to stainless steel water bottles, how do work out how to get the best bang for your buck?

Start with understanding your target market

What will they likely use these water bottles for? On their desk in their office, on a work site, on the go? Will they give them to their kids for Saturday sports? The use of the bottle will dictate the safest and most appropriate choice.

Set your budget

How much are you able to spend?  Plastic will always prove to be cheaper, and legislation in Australia does not permit anyone to sell bottles that are not BPA Free. Add a single colour print to one location and you can get a large volume of water bottles for not a lot of expenditure.

Going for something a little more up market? Head to the aisle with the glassware or the stainless steel.  Consider the vacuum stainless steel bottles, they are the ones that keep things cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They are more pricey but are generally used for longer and valued more by your end user.  These are a great option if you need 25 for VIP’s or a small amount of delegates.

Know your brand

Don’t forget to understand your brand and how your choice will communicate your brand values and brand personality. If your business is focused on being environmentally sustainable, then glass or stainless steel water bottles would be a better choice. If your brand is premium, choose something that looks and feels great for the user. If your brand is fun, down-to-earth and loves action, a quality plastic bottle might be the best choice.

We’d love to chat through your needs and goals, or if you’re in Brisbane you can come into our showroom to see what’s on offer.

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