Feb 24, 2022 | Trade Workwear

How you show up for customers in the Trade, Construction, Mining, in fact any industry, can be just as important as the job you carry out.

As trends change, uniforms tend to vary a lot too. From hi visibility and fabric compliance requirements for certain industries (read more about that here), to less formal uniform solutions for others. If you don’t have to wear Hi Vis there are so many options available for you. We have put together a variety of options below.


Uniforms and workwear are worn for several reasons:

  • to help protect you and comply to industry demands,
  • to reduce risk where necessary,
  • to distinguish the service you provide or the level of it you provide,
  • to increase brand awareness and allow your staff to be easily recognisable,
  • to provide a sense of belonging, solidarity, equality and commonality amongst team members,
  • to affect a customer’s perception of staff – a uniform can influence trust and perception of knowledge.

Deciding on a uniform for your employees is an important decision. Selecting a uniform that will allow them to do their job effectively and comfortably is paramount. You also need to select a uniform that is going to represent your business well. We can help you select uniforms that will both be comfortable, durable and on brand.


Employees have many different roles to perform in your business such as trade based, admin, project management, sales reps etc. There is no rule stating that each employee must wear the same uniform.

For example, you could select your brand colours of black and red and we will find polos, blouses, shirts, jumpers, jackets etc that will make up a full suite of uniform pieces. Use of colour, your logo and decoration styles, will help with consistency and allow the right apparel to be fitted to the right employee.



The duties of your employees, such as client facing roles, will determine uniform styling. You may be looking for a more professional uniform for your administration team rather than a more casual look for those employees working in the field.

Polos and shirts with Left Hand Chest (LHC) embroidery are perceived to be more professional. We also have a variety of shirts with varying patterns, colours, materials and fits, that will help build a more corporate professional image and credibility for your overall business image.



Contact us today on phone or email for more information on customising uniform solutions for your company.

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