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Red Roo offers comprehensive solutions encompassing complete uniform fulfillment, innovative uniform design, and branded promotional products, enabling your business to create a strong visual appeal and reinforcing your brand’s distinct identity


The world of promotional products has become somewhat overwhelming with the advancement of decoration technology.  The ability to put a company logo on products is amazing and if you can think of it we can do it.  From water bottles to pens, from desk fans to power banks, tables, chairs and lollipops the list is endless.

There are two main benefits of utilising promotional products as part of your marketing strategy:

  • Be a lasting memory in your client or prospects mind
  • To create brand recognition in your client or prospects mind

If you can tick to boxes on any of the below statements than a branded product might just be worth investing your marketing dollars into.


You have customers walking in your door each and every day.


You have Sales Representatives visiting your clients or prospects each and every day.


You host or attend conferences, expos and trade shows every year or multiple times per year.


You have a business strategy that growth and expansion.

To speak to a Customer Service Representative to gather ideas on the best products for you brand phone 07 3255 8755 or email sales@redrooaustralia.com.au.

Australian Promotional Products - what your promotional products can do for your business, and how they will look.

Branded Promo Products

We could talk for hours about the benefits to branded promotional products! Search our online products, head to our Instagram pages for lots of examples or contact us to talk to our marketing and sales professionals about ideas that would suit your client base, target market and budget. Browse all of our promotional products.

Tote Bags and Branded Merchandise - Red Roo Australia
Tote Bags
Primo Metal Drink Bottle - Red Roo Australia
Drink Bottles
Turbo Pen - White Barrel
Fleet Crew Testinmonial - Red Roo Australia

What Our Clients Say

“I couldn’t believe the time that Jeni spent with us before she had secured the order.  She made sure that we were going to get the best garment for the job, and that we were going to be completely happy.” 



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