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Nov 3, 2020 | Marketing & Sponsorship


Sponsorship as part of a broader marketing strategy is a great way to get in front of targeted audiences and further your brand awareness.

When choosing partners to sponsor, think about the end consumer – are they part of your target market? The people consuming the content, are they the ones you are looking to target? As a business owner sponsorship is absolutely about celebrating and participating in your local community and being in a position to help where you can, but you are also looking to make good choices that will give you a return on your investments.

Businesses spend money and time on making themselves more visible to our target customers and sponsorship is a great way to further that – while giving back. You can promote your involvement in the event or campaign through your social media channels, website and email marketing. Generally the people attending the event or local club etc trust their judgement so you’re starting off on the right foot. You can also ask to be featured on the events social media to further your reach and be endorsed by a trusted source. Sponsorship is part of a long term marketing strategy, you can’t directly measure the ROI, but working towards aligning with other brands and businesses whether that be sporting associations, schools, etc is a great way to start building trust with new audiences.


Red Roo sponsored Padua Racing Team – the engineering department at Padua Boys College. They have spent 2 years building their own race car from scratch.  They asked us for sponsorship by supplying the class and teachers with shirts.  We jumped on board to support the young boys in this group. We were fortunate that they had some great professional photographs taken which included imagery of the shirts which we can use to promote our products. We also got our logo on the race car as well which was pretty cool!

Padua Student Wearing Sponsored Shirt


Padua Racing Team

We also sponsor the Brothers Junior Rugby League football club, both a junior team as well as the senior team.  We sponsor in a number of forms – jersey sponsorship which sees our logo on the front of jerseys + merchandise sponsorship.  We give 10% back to the club of any merchandise that is purchased for the club or teams.  Some teams like to do end of year merchandise for their players and we provide a catalogue of a available items for them to choose from.

Brothers Rugby Football Club


Red Roo also donated merchandise to Project Booyah which is a Qld Police run initiative taking youth off the streets and putting them through a 6 month program to increase their skills. We were grateful that we could help this initiative!


We believe it is important to give back to community groups and as a small business our donation or sponsorship can go a long way.  We need our clubs to survive for the benefit of the kids.  We think giving back to charities, clubs, not for profit organisations or schools that are doing special projects like Padua is really important for the future of the kids, their skills, values and outlook on life.


Are you in business as well?  To get involved you could start by searching your local suburb for sporting clubs or not for profit organisations.  Clubs that are run by volunteers welcome the sponsorship and will generally give back through shout outs on social media or through newsletters.

There are lots of charity groups that need help – find one that aligns with your beliefs.
Red Roo will continue to support local clubs and charities for 2021 with the following organisations – Brothers Junior,  JDRF – Type 1 Diabetes and Project Booyah.

Why don’t you challenge yourself to see how you can give back and benefit your business at the same time. After the year that 2020 has been 2021 is a great year to start!

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about our sponsorship partnerships were happy to help! You can email admin@redrooaustralia.com.au if you’re looking for branded merchandise as a sponsorship idea, Red Roo Australia has plenty of options to get you started. Browse our online store or talk to one of the team today.

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