Uniform Ordering Made Fast and Easy

Uniform Ordering Made Fast and Easy

Why Ordering Uniforms Can be Frustrating!

Life is busy! Too busy to be waiting forever for staff uniforms to be ready.  Buying from one supplier and then having to find someone else to decorate them can be frustrating and a waste of precious time.

And, being the frontline of your business, you want your employees to look and feel good with quality materials and embroidery.  Because seriously, what’s the point in paying good money for second-rate uniforms that don’t last the distance and have your staff looking and feeling drab?

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Your Uniforms or Promo Products!

When it comes to uniforms and promotional products, you want a

  • super-fast turnaround time whilst
  • being cost-effective and
  • expertly customised,
  • without compromising on product quality or customer satisfaction.

What Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Ordering Uniforms!

So, here are some questions for you – when it comes to ordering uniforms, do you:

  • purchase different brands from different suppliers?
  • purchase the garments from one supplier and then take them to be embroidered?
  • wait more than 4 weeks for your uniforms?
  • purchase blindly online not really knowing what you’re going to receive?

If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, we at Red Roo may be able to help you.

How Can Red Roo Help You!

Here are 5 great reasons why we are the best are what we do:

First: We have 80+ Suppliers

Red Roo has 80+ suppliers of uniforms, so there’s a good chance that you can purchase all of your garment brands through us! One shop! And don’t worry, if 80+ is overwhelming, we can point you in the right direction. Nothing’s a problem.

Second: We Provide In-house Embroidery & Printing

Red Roo has their own in-house embroidery and printing equipment. That means we receive the uniform, we decorate the uniform and we dispatch the uniform with no further interaction required from our clients.

Thirdly: 10 Day Turnaround For All Orders

Red Roo controls the production lead time and has an average turnaround time on uniforms of 10 days. Yep, that’s right, your staff can be looking good and feeling like they belong to your company in just 10 days!

Fourthly: Try Before You Buy!

Red Roo has a sampling policy that allows you to view the uniform, get the touch and feel of the uniform fabric and we can even provide a trial uniform if you need to see how it stacks up in your work environment. How good is that!

Lastly: ‘Just Bloody Great Service’

That’s Red Roo’s brand promise. Heck, even our existing clients say that we can be trusted to provide a fast and easy, no-fuss process where you won’t need to chase suppliers, find someone to do embroidery and then wait forever.


So don’t waste any more time! Make uniform ordering fast and easy!


Call our friendly team at Red Roo on 07 3255 8755 today.

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